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If you are seeking high speed Internet for rural areas in New York, look no further than HughesNet® Internet Service. The leading provider of satellite Internet in the nation brings you the kind of speed you want and need to efficiently and effectively use the Internet. Don't settle for dialup or slow DSL. The solution for New York residents is super-fast, always connected satellite Internet.

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Living in a rural part of New York provides a quality of life that simply isn't available in metropolitan areas. While the advantages are abundant, there are also a few drawbacks. A lack of choice when it comes to high speed Internet for rural areas in New York is one of those. Rural High Speed Internet is changing that with access in practically every part of New York. While DSL service is often too slow because of distance from the command center, dialup is unreliable and extremely slow, and cable Internet service is not even an option, satellite Internet is the ideal solution for your rural high speed Internet needs.

Experience New York Rural High Speed Internet

With HughesNet Internet Service, you get the very fastest satellite Internet speeds available in rural New York. With download speeds as fast as 15MbpsΨ and upload speeds as high as 2 Mbps, you enjoy Internet at the speed it was meant to be experienced. Waiting for connections and downloads is a thing of the past with HughesNet satellite Internet.

HughesNet Internet Service delivers speeds that allow you to:

  • Stream videos and music
  • Use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service
  • Share photos quickly and easily
  • Stay in touch via email or social media like Facebook
  • Shop, browse the web or do online banking, and so much more.


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High Speed Internet is Available Anywhere

Geography is the barrier that holds back cable and telephone providers. The cost of bringing Internet access to rural areas is simply not feasible. However, HughesNet is proud to be the leading provider of high speed Internet for rural areas in New York. In fact the company is responsible for bringing satellite Internet to the United States. It ensures that high speed rural Internet access is available anywhere and everywhere in the country. If your home or business has a clear view of the southern sky, you have what it takes to get super-fast satellite Internet service.

HughesNet Internet Service delivers exactly what you need, no matter where you are, so you are connected to the web with the ultimate in high speed Internet for rural areas in New York. With free standard installation from HughesNet certified technicians, you can be connected in no time. Contact us today at 1-888-338-4003 to get started.

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