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HughesNet® vs. Exede and WildBlue

Most people believe that all satellite internet providers are the same. Those same individuals would be wrong: not all providers are the same at all. When it comes to HughesNet vs Exede - HughesNet comes out on top. HughesNet has a satellite that is unmatched by any other company and add generous data packages and worldwide coverage, and HughesNet appears to stand alone. Look at the comparisons below:

Comparison Chart

Category HughesNet
Company headquartered in Germantown, MD
Satellite subscribers in the U.S. 450,000+
International satellite subscribers 1.45 million+
# of satellites operational 13
Years as a satellite broadband provider 13+ years
Years in existence as a business 30+ years
Developer and creator of communication and satellite equipment Yes
Owns & manages Network Operations Centers (NOC) Yes
Performs installations all across the U.S. Yes
Uses IPos, a highly secure and optimized communication standard that is optimized for satellite networks Yes
Uses DOCSIS - a communication standard for land based cable networks within the satellite industry No
Static IP Addressing option available Yes
Minimum service commitment 24 months
30 day satisfaction guarantee Yes
Standard Warranty 24 months parts;
180 days labor
Daily Free Download Periods 2am to 7am~

HughesNet holds a significant advantage over Exede: they’ve been in the satellite technology industry for nearly 40 years, and providing satellite broadband internet for more than 13 years.  That, on top of an ever-expanding customer base, an increased number of satellites and advanced knowledge of the satellite industry makes it hard for Exede to really compete.

HughesNet’s Gen4 internet service is fast because of the technology behind it. The EchoStar XVII “Jupiter” satellite helps provided HughesNet customers with connections up to 15x times what was previous achievable.  With over 150,000 installations and a grand total of 2 Million subscribers worldwide, HughesNet should be your choice for high speed broadband internet.

With Exede and WildBlue, caution if you accidentally exceed your daily data cap. HughesNet speeds are measured daily, meaning if you go over your limit on Friday, your speed should go back to normal on Saturday!


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